We represent both residential and commercial landlords and tenants in D.C. and VA. For those clients, we do the following: 

  • Draft, negotiate and/or review residential and commercial lease agreements and lease modifications

  • Communicate with both landlords and tenants regarding violations of the their lease agreements or local law

  • Prepare 5 day notices (VA) and 30 day notices (DC) to quit or cure

  • Initiate legal actions for unlawful detainer (VA) and eviction (DC) 

  • If a residential or commercial tenant owes money, we initiate procedures to recover those funds, including filing debtor interrogatories, wage and account garnishments and property liens.  

D.C. in particular has very specific statuary provisions regarding evictions and an act in violation of those provisions could expose the D.C. residential landlord to serious liability. For example, did you know that upon their termination (with a few limited exceptions), all leases in D.C. automatically convert to month-to-month leases? Make sure you have an attorney who knows and understands landlord tenant law in D.C. 

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